Canberra bee rescue and removal

Each year we receive a large number of calls for swarm removal and relocations in the ACT. Generally the swarms are located soon after swarming and are simple to remove. In some cases, swarms can go unnoticed for weeks (and at times months) leading to the swarms establishing natural comb and in many instances a complete hive in the swarm location.

In these instances, a much more involved process is undertaken to rehome the hive and the established bee colony into manageable hives to ensure the strength of the hive is maintained after it is transferred.

Below are photos taken from the relocation of these established hives at the end of the swarm season.

Water meter with a view at the National Arboretum Canberra

Branch in a broccoli box from Charnwood

Natural hive relocation in Curtin

Beekeeping in an old chest of drawers from Downer

YouTube channel

If we have a phone handy we do our best to capture footage from our bee rescues.
All our videos are uploaded to our YouTube channel below.