Canberra region beekeeping courses

Beekeeping courses in the Canberra region

We regularly host beekeeping courses in the Canberra and surrounding region covering all aspects of beekeeping from acquiring and establishing your first hive through to the honey extraction process.

Due to a high demand, courses sell out quickly so please follow the below links if there are positions available and you are interested in attending.

Upcoming beekeeping courses:

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Course Summary:
Ever watched a nature documentary and asked yourself 'how is it possible to get that close' or 'if only I could experience that!'.

What better way to reconnect with nature, take a walk on the wild side and overcome any fears you may harbour than through learning the skills to begin beekeeping. Caring for the great social insects which benefit all mankind, in your very own backyard - it doesn’t get much better than that!

Whilst beekeeping can be a very rewarding hobby, it is important to remember that sharing your garden with a super colony comes with great responsibility. The ability to keep your bees happy, healthy and productive rests heavily upon what you are taught and how well you retain that knowledge. Each of our courses are specifically designed to share our many years of beekeeping experience so that you can develop a practical, sound understanding of everything you need to know to maintain and operate a healthy beehive.

Our 'Beekeeping as a Hobby' course is a true honey bee immersion program. Instead of being stuck in a classroom, we guide you on your path into responsible beekeeping by ensuring that you are in the apiary, hands-on with the bees, from day one of the course.

During the course we cover the following topics in detail:

  • Lighting your smoker, correct clothing and safety gear, and use of tools and equipment to minimise the risks associated with being a beekeeper
  • Hive types - it’s a jungle out there, so know what’s what and what’s best for you and your beekeeping experience
  • Handling and manipulating frames, both how and why this is done
  • Catching a swarm (sharing the tricks and lessons learnt)
  • Splitting hives when you want to franchise your colony
  • Uniting two or more colonies / hives successfully (why and when to avoid the pitfalls)
  • Locating the queen and checking for queen cells
  • Identifying queenless hives and determining how best to turn these colonies back into operational and productive hives
  • Replacing a queen (how, why and when)
  • Checking for pests and diseases to avoid catastrophes
  • Harvesting honey, pollen, propolis and bees wax
  • Seasonal management of hives, your responsibilities, and appreciating the difference between being a beekeeper and hosting an insect hotel

Beekeeping course Frequently Asked Questions:

If you have any questions about our beekeeping courses, please see our Frequently Asked Questions page.

Beekeeping course resources:

If you have attended our beekeeping course you can access the reference resources at the following link: Beekeeping Course Resources